Nova Frontier Film Festival



—James Baldwin

Nova Frontier Film Festival is pleased to announce the 2020 edition of the festival, taking place online June 12th – 14th. We are excited to partner with Laurel Channel TV to bring this edition of the festival to our audiences. Laurel Channel TV is an online niche streaming platform that features the Best Films from the Best Film Festivals around the world. 

We are also excited to continue our partnership with RestorationArt and The Billie Holiday Theatre in Brooklyn, New York that has been our home and family since the inception of the festival. Together, we are committed to bringing our audience culturally, socially, and politically relevant films and arts that celebrate our diversity and human connectedness; supporting independent filmmakers and artists, globally. Despite the global health crisis, and the challenges that independent filmmakers, arts organizations, and the film industries are facing as a result of this pandemic, Nova Frontier Film Festival is fully dedicated to working with our Filmmakers, Partners, and Sponsors, and our hearts and thoughts are with everyone affected by (Covid-19).

Nova Frontier Film Festival showcase and nurture the works of filmmakers and arts from and about the African Diaspora, the Middle East, and Latin America. From the plights of immigrants crossing perilous borders and living in refugee camps; the acceleration of Climate Change and citizens trying to rebuild their lives amidst the devastation of Climate Disruptions; women and youth in the Middle East working against all odds to confront religious and cultural stigmatization— These are some of the underpinning stories that our filmmakers, go at great length to articulate and bring to us.

If art is any guide to the times in which we are living, our 2020 program of 17 curated long and short-form films, panels, performance, and interactive experiences tackles family, global migration, and community, with immigration as the dominant theme running throughout all the films in this year’s submission. They raise questions and force us to re-examine notions of home, state, nationalism, borders, and communities. For many of the real-life characters depicted in the films, concepts and constructs of social distancing and self-quarantined are not novel to them. They were already living somewhat enforced quarantined existence in refugee camps, or squatting on the edge of cities and society; caught in the limbo of sate bureaucracies and red tapes.

We believe that art matters, stories matter, our filmmakers, and our audience matter more than ever. We hope this online virtual space and venue will bring communities together, to reflect, share, and experience our deepest humanity, and connections through our curated global films, and discussions.


THURSDAY jUNE 11TH 5:00 PM TO 7:00 pM

Join us on Zoom for a celebration of our filmmakers and artists, listen to synopsis of their films being read by actors, share stories, ask quetions and converse with the filmmakers, festival founders, our partners.

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