#creativecalliste Grenada’s Newest Cultural Capital

Something has been quietly growing in Calliste over the past year. Two significant, privately organised projects in the arts with multiple extensions each have been fueling the combined effort towards #creativecalliste. Historically a fishing village, Calliste is strategically located 5 minutes from the airport, minutes from St. George’s University, minutes from many hotels in the South of the island as well as the populated areas of Grand Anse, Frequente, True Blue, Morne Rouge, and Lance Aux E’pines. Whether its the location or simply the people involved, there is a critical mass of creativity happening in Calliste.

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If you’d like to get involved, here are some of the features of #creativecalliste!

1. Art House 473

“A place that art built” is a joint effort by local artists Susan and Asher Mains. The building was a pentecostal church that had moved on to a bigger space 10 years ago and has since been turned into an art centre with exhibits, events, classes, and the residence for Asher Mains. This mother-son team has a combined art career of over 50 years in Grenada and have shown internationally and instrumental in establishing the Grenada National Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Open hours are Wed-Sat 11:00am to 5:00pm and appointments are preferred. 70823780_926269027741522_7079546713148489728_o.jpg

2. Chip and Chisel Museum

Chip and Chisel Museum is the passion project of Godfrey Luke. Luke is an artist, drummer, community organizer and a keeper of culture. He is building a space to contain all his creative ventures on the lower side of Calliste. It will be a space for people to come and see his sculptures, paintings, gather for cultural performances, drumming and more. Luke works together with Judy Antoine with a group called Ashanti Footprints which works with children and young adults to educate and develop them as drummers, dancers, and cultural contributors.


3. Thursday Evening Drawing Sessions

In 2019 there were 30 life drawing sessions at Art House 473 which are open, uninstructed life drawing sessions that have attracted both new and experienced artists. Thursday evenings, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, is a time to slow down, be mindful, and really look at the subject while drawing. Life drawing sessions have been labeled by some as a moving meditation  but also a fundamental artistic discipline. Feel free to join in! $10 ec suggested donation goes towards the model and paper and charcoal are available by donation if you don’t have your own supplies! 58375645_825688827799543_1711289213254631424_o.jpg

4. Susan Mains Gallery

Susan Mains Gallery was the catalyst for Art House 473 and celebrating 18 years as a gallery in 2020. Susan Mains Gallery retains an outpost as a boutique gallery in Spiceland Mall International in Morne Rouge while bigger and more critical work is housed in Art House 473. Susan Mains Gallery has featured some of Grenada’s best art locally, regionally, and internationally and is a a crucible for the passion that is now rising in the creative economy in Grenada.

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5. Drumming and Dancing

In 2020 there will be drumming and dancing sessions at both Chip and Chisel Museum and Art House 473. Whether it’s a workshop to learn how to play traditional drums or a “free up yourself” session where you can come and jam, stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to feel the rhythm!

6. Art School Greenz

Art School Greenz was started in 2015 by Asher Mains as an alternative art school attempting to mind the gap between secondary school education and a contemporary art practice. Primarily art classes for adults in short and affordable modules, typically once a week for 4 weeks and around $100 ec per class. Occasionally classes for children are offered – keep up with Art School Greenz on social media – facebook and instagram – to see what is coming up next! All of the artist-instructors at Art School Greenz have an art practice of their own and at least a Bachelor’s degree in art. Art School Greenz currently has classes downstairs of Art House 473 but has also had classes in other location depending on what is best for the instructor and students!

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7. Art Services and Products

One of the things offered at Art House 473 is a small range of services and products for local artists. Asher Mains makes charcoal to draw with and an ink with a beautiful rust colour. We also make easels for presentation or working on as well as blank stretched canvas. WhatsApp Image 2019-02-23 at 1.16.28 PM.jpeg

8. Sugar Apple Gallery

The Sugar Apple Gallery is a part of Art House 473 and is for young and emerging artists to show their work. The idea behind the Sugar Apple Gallery, (aside from many sugar apple trees in Calliste) is that they are small, sweet, and have beautiful seeds. It is from these seeds we hope to see the promising artists of tomorrow!

Sugar  Apple  Gallery.png

With these activities, events, services, classes, etc. going on in Calliste, it is a center for creative critical engagement on the island and it’s easy to imagine that it is one of Grenada’s newest capitals for culture. Lookout for the #creativecalliste hashtag and we look forward to seeing you at one of our creative activities!



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