Calling the Magician: 6th Grenada Contemporary

For the 6th iteration of the Grenada Contemporary exhibit hosted by Susan Mains Gallery and Art House 473, we are issuing a call for artwork based on Aimé Cesaire’s poem, Calling the Magician. This text establishes the poet [and creatives] as conjurors of new reality based connections to other humans and to nature. Cesaire prompts us to see the Caribbean civilisation as a re-imagined social reality not defined by conventional symbols such as buildings, infrastructure, or industry. Writing amongst surrealists of the time, Cesaire gives a nod to Andre Breton and a movement that found particular life and vitality in the Caribbean. Aimé Cesaire’s urgent call asks us to have an imagination, not only for what is possible in our Caribbean societies, but for a renewed recognition of the important role poetics and the arts play in our lives.

We are accepting submissions of various media including performance and written text in response to Cesaire’s, Calling the Magician.

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