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Growing up in Grenada, Susan Mains was always a curious child. Music lessons, drama, church youth activities, they all provided an outlet, but she always liked art. She would quietly troll the Yellow Poui Gallery and Marryshow House, in Town, during the Grenada Arts Council Annual show. Back then there was no avenue for an art education.

Who knew that this early passion for art would lead to a hill top in Calliste and a dedicated art centre for Grenada? A self-taught artist, she never let “it can’t be done” stop her from proving it could!

The creative forces in visual arts Grenada have been surging and swelling for years.
From increased artistic activities on the island, to Grenada’s participation in the Venice Biennale, the most prestigious art exhibition in the world.

Susan Mains has had her finger on the pulse of the Grenada Art Scene for decades. Now she is orchestrating a triumph for visual art in the form of Art House 473, representing years of hard work and dedication, from the selling her first painting in 1986, to opening a gallery in Spiceland Mall in 2002, and now the opening of Art House 473.

This nucleus of creativity will be home to studios, galleries, educational and entertainment spaces. Art House 473, formally a church, will now ‘spread the good news’ of the transformational effect of art. You will find it easily, located in Calliste, which sits between Maurice Bishop International Airport and St. George’s University, in the parish of St. George.

Susan will be partnering with her son and fellow artist, Asher Mains. Asher received his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Practice in 2016 and teaches art at St. George’s University in Grenada. He is currently working on a Ph.D in Philosophy from the European Graduate School. He also started ‘Art School Greenz’ in 2015, as an alternative art school, providing short classes for working adults interested in pursuing careers as contemporary artists. Art School Greenz will call Art House 473 its home, with the extra space it will be able to offer more classes and programming to you, to residents and also to you, if you’re visiting? Of course, Susan Mains Gallery, recently located to a smaller space at Spiceland Mall, will also have space at Art House 473. This renowned gallery was the focus that led to the expansion, and it will continue at Spiceland Mall as a little foretaste as to what you can expect in Calliste.

Art House 473 will provide the space to exhibit works too large and abundant to be contained in the more focused gallery. There will be various collections of other work, some permanent and some rotating but always high quality in order to showcase to visitors and locals the very best of what Grenada’s art scene has to offer. The open floor plan allows for a wonderful lecture hall space, which will be made good use of, but always with the focus on furthering the role of art in Grenada.

“Whether visitor or local, you must visit” says Susan. “Visual art tells the story of Grenada like no other medium. The arts that will make up the contributing elements of Art House 473 have already been growing and developing; the new location in Calliste, however, is the art purposed space we’ve all been waiting for. As the space realises its dynamic potential we look forward to the public joining us for exhibitions, classes, informal artists’ ‘limes’, demonstrations, critical discussions and more, at the Heart of Art in our exceptionally creative island.”

Book your appointment for a visit at Susan Mains Gallery at Spiceland Mall phone 473-439-3450 susanmainsgallery.com Transportation from near-by hotels is available.

art house 473 map

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